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Mele Luau Fire Dance

Why You Should Zipline and Go To a Luau on the Same Day

If you’re visiting Oahu and looking for an adventure-packed day, ziplining and attending a luau should be on your list. Coral Crater Adventure Park offers a variety of zipline tours, including the Zip & Dip and Surf & Turf packages that combine ziplining with Wet’n’Wild Hawaii waterpark. And what better way to end your day of adventure than by experiencing Hawaiian culture and food at Mele Luau? Here are some reasons why you should consider doing both on the same day.

Avoid Traffic

Traffic can be a challenge on Oahu, especially during peak season. By booking both activities with the same company, you can avoid the hassle of driving between locations and trying to find parking. Malama Tours, the exclusive transportation partner with Coral Crater Adventure Park, offers transportation to and from the park and Mele Luau, making it a stress-free day.

Maximize Your Time

By combining ziplining at Coral Crater Adventure Park and attending Mele Luau, you can maximize your time on the island. Spend a day in West Oahu, where the park and luau are located, and explore another part of the island on a different day. You’ll be able to experience both adventure and culture in a single day, allowing you to do more on your trip.

Experience a Fire Dance Show

One of the highlights of Mele Luau is the fire dance show. You’ll be entertained by professional fire dancers who perform to traditional music. It’s a thrilling and mesmerizing experience that will leave you in awe.

Enjoy Delicious Hawaiian Food

Mele Luau offers a delicious buffet-style dinner that includes traditional Hawaiian dishes like kalua pig, poke, and haupia. It’s an opportunity to try new flavors and enjoy a feast fit for a king.


Combining ziplining at Coral Crater Adventure Park and attending Mele Luau on the same day is an excellent way to experience adventure and culture while avoiding traffic and maximizing your time. With Malama Tours as your transportation partner, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while enjoying an unforgettable day on Oahu. Don’t miss out on the fire dance show and delicious Hawaiian food at Mele Luau, and be sure to book both activities through Malama Tours for a stress-free and memorable experience.